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At Assured Bridge, we’ve created services that help businesses meet their security and compliance requirements as described by NIST SP 800-171 and DFARS Clause 7012 requirements for DFARS compliance.

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Tier 1

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  • Encrypted Data Bridge (VPN) to the Internet U.S. Endpoints •Central/Ohio • East/Virginia •West/San Francisco
  • Connections & Events collected for compliance auditing
  • Continuous threat monitoring
  • FedRamp compliant cloud infrastructure
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Secure User and Password Management Account self‐service

Tier 2

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  • TIER 1 Services
  • Cloud Micro Domain: • File Storage • Encrypted backup
  • Collaborative Environment with Document Version Control, Alerting, Chat Supporting: • Business Development • Business Process • Configuration Management
  • Task management: • Agile SW Development Support • HW Integration and Fielding Support
  • Project Status and Monitoring Dashboards
  • Cyber Awareness Training Program

3.1 Access Control

3.2 Audit and Accountability

3.3 Awareness and Training

3.4 Configuration Management

3.5 Identification and Authentication

3.6 Incident Response

3.7 Maintenance

3.8 Media Protection

3.9 Physical Protection

3.10 Personnel Security

3.11 Risk Assessment

3.12 Security Assessment

3.13 System and Communications Protection

3.14 System and Information Integrity

Changing the way we work, or the processes people have become used to, is the greatest challenge facing an organization. However, recognition of the changes that have been implemented is often the most telling evidence that compliance goals are being met. Without change, meeting these goals to protect the information and data, upon which business depends, is not possible.

The Assured Bridge services embody the shared responsibility model. Using validated and certified infrastructure, we provide the technical services and controls that are often the most difficult and costly; our customers  and clients implement the policies and processes to use them. Together, compliance can be effectively achieved, and business goals met.

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