Secure and Compliant Collaboration Environments and Services

NIST SP 800-171 and DFARS Compliance

The NIST SP 800-171 cyber security requirements outline 14 families of controls, within which are specific requirements applicable to each. We offer services to help your organization get complaint.

3.1 Access Control

3.2 Audit and Accountability

3.3 Awareness and Training

3.4 Configuration Management

3.5 Identification and Authentication

3.6 Incident Response

3.7 Maintenance

3.8 Media Protection

3.9 Physical Protection

3.10 Personnel Security

3.11 Risk Assessment

3.12 Security Assessment

3.13 System and Communications Protection

3.14 System and Information Integrity

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Tier 1

Starting at $31.97 / Month
  • Encrypted Data Bridge (VPN) to the Internet U.S. Endpoints ‐ Central/Ohio, East/Virginia, West/San Francisco
  • Connections & Events collected for compliance auditing
  • Continuous threat monitoring
  • FedRamp compliant cloud infrastructure
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • User Accounts
  • Secure User and Password Management Account self‐service

Tier 2

Starting at $297 / Month
  • TIER 1 Services
  • Secure: • File Storage • Self‐service User Management • Encrypted backup • Cloud Micro Domain • Collaborative Environment • Business Development Efforts • Collaborative business process capabilities • Business Process Enhancement
  • Secure self‐service User Management Logins and events collected for compliance auditing
  • Task management supporting Agile SW and HW Integration and Development
  • Collaborative Configuration Management with document version control Secure Chat – Coming Soon
  • Project Status and Monitoring Dashboards
  • Cyber Awareness Training Program

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